UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY : polo match to “privatize”

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY : polo match to “privatize”

2019, JUNE, THURSDAY 13th evening



12 minutes from the Champs Elysées 



Offer a unique moment to your guests, customers and colleagues by inviting them around a “privatized” polo match for you in a private club on a Thursday evening !


from 70 to 400 people according to your format


  • Organization of a conference, an aperitif, cocktail dinner and / or seated dinner for your guests, clients and colleagues around the «privatized» polo match.


  • In the Club-House + on the large outdoor terrace facing the polo field


  • Completeprivatization for you of the polo match and the Club House


2 teams of 4 players

Commented match at 7 PM or 7.30 PM and micro announcements during the match

Duration of the match: 1h

Reception of guests at 6.30 PM, 7 PM or before depending on your event format.

Space made available to guests at the edge of the field

Match schedule and explanations (in the form of a flyer) given to the guests

Award of prizes to the players at the end of the match



TAILOR-MADE QUOTE according to the format of your event

CONTACT : +33 (0) 1 85 78 39 39  info@met.consulting