Videoconferencing systems are no longer sufficient to capture an over-requested audience and to pass strong messages.

A personalized environment and professional execution guarantee optimal results for your communication actions.


For your “digital” event, whether it is external (presentation, information, analysis, conference, talk, product launch…) or internal (presentation of the General Management, seminar, team building…), MET consulting offers adapted professional and flexible solutions to effectively reach your “remote” audience.


We intervene at each stage with tailor-made solutions. :

  • Video capture
  • Broadcasting : Live, pre-recorded
  • Scenography : Appropriate one
  • Interactivity with the audience
  • Experiential



With different scenarios concerning the speakers : 1) All are remotely 2) all are on site 3) part are on site and part are remotely. Based in France or / and abroad.


With an “à la carte” broadcast of your speakers :

  1. All speakers are remotely (office, home office, abroad…): remote production & control room
  2. From our customizable TV studio, in Paris
  3. or one of our private venues : mobile control room
  4. or your company’s premises: mobile control room




NB : For an “hybridevent (part audience in-person, part remote audience) : we do it within one of our private venues : mobile control room .


For any question, to study the best solution, to request a quote…:

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