We are pleased to announce you the possibility** of organizing again in France “in-person” events or “hybrid” ones (part in-person / part remote in digital), external or internal, in the various venues of MET consulting : convenient, off market”, high-end, prestige, unusual places, discreet, rare, green places, museums, private mansions, appartments, lofts, rooftops, private clubs…From convenient to prestige venues. From “easy access” (Paris “Golden Triangle”) to a “casual-Normandy” spirit (Bois de Boulogne).




– Since the latest decree from the French government.

    • Breakfast / lunch / dinner : Exterior and interior. Without mask.
    • Breakfast / lunch / dinner with presentation-conference : Without mask.
    • Conférence in theatre style, cinema projection…: Without mask.
    • Seminar : Without mask.
    • Standing cocktail : Outside or inside. Without mask.


** Respect for barrier gestures. These phases and measures may be modified by the French Government according to the local health situation.


NB : For your “hybrid” events (part audience in-person, part remote audience in digital), we do them within one of the private venues of MET consulting, with our mobile control room on site.


We are at your disposal for all your questions, to present you the various venues of MET consulting…for your projects, your requests …as part of your external or internal event communication, current and future, whether it is “in-person” or “hybrid” (part audience in-person / part remote audience in digital).


MORE INFORMATION : +33 (0) 1 85 78 39 39  contact@met.consulting